Wednesday, 16 May 2012

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

This Maybe Should Have Been An Island Post

But I wanted to share with five or six people LOL
I just got off the phone with Michele.

And while there has been no major medical news that I am aware of she sounded GREAT

Full of energy, helping her son with a Great Gatsby test he has tomorrow (I think i impressed her when i remembered there was something about a train and a billboard with eyeglasses on it or something) and just full of life.

It's the best I've heard her sound in a long time.

Wish y'all could see the big smile I have on my face right now.

I'll continue to face the reality of the cancer she has but will never give up my faith in her to fight and survive.

I Am A Lazy Globber

And being lazy I often forget to update my globroll with new places I am reading and new people I have met. I am often surprised that my lack of etiquette hasn't resulted in me being pushed back through all of the series of tubes and right off the internets.

So here are my new glboroll additions and folks I am enjoying reading and getting to know

Chasing Wentworth Miller
Since my Dad was born in Canada it's only natural I have added a Canadian to my globroll. We both watch Lost (well who doesn't?) but I am on a quest to get Simplicity yo watch BSG!

Robot Nine
Some of teh coolest pics on the innertubes can be found at Robot Nine. Plus I think he is a fellow Texan. And has a really cool Picture Puzzle Contest each week.

Wits and Wiggles
If memory serves me correctly Lisa sent me here (and who am I to not obey Lisa?)
Giggles is a fellow golfer I believe so I look forward to having someone to commiserate with when golf season starts this year.

Judging The Books
Beth won one of Robot Nine's Picture Puzzle contests and I was intrigued by her way cool SIP gravatar (guess you have to be a comics geeks to get what SIP is) and at first I didn't get her blog which I have since confessed to her.

But I took a reading comprehension pill and now I get it!

Again not sure how I ran into this blog but am glad I did!

So welcome to the island of misphit globroll everyone!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Things You Don't Want to Hear Your Plumber Say


Well at least he wasn't working on the toilet!

The new faucet is in and I am now in this weird land of having hot and cold water in my kitchen.

And Wednesday they are coming out to do the shower!


Now to log out of work and off to play.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

I'm Not Sure What This Story Is About

Today I decided to try to continue my semi productive streak and once I hauled my lazy butt out of bed I did.

Many things done today one of them was grocery shopping (yes I took the path of least resistance last night and ordered the pizza.)

One of the items I bought was hot dogs. It was just one item out of many in my basket and I really didn't think much about it.

I went out to watch the Daytona 500 today with some phriends and my brain was kind of itching. And I remembered the Peanuts Cookbook!

One of the first things I ever collected was Peanuts stuff. I was not necessarily that in tune to all of the underlying concepts behind the daily cartoon strips but Ma encouraged me to read them and collect stuff.

Also (to my Ma's chagrin) I was a very picky and light eater (as Bob, Jen, Christina will attest to)

Many times Ma would make me a separate meal. And other times she would tell me supper came from the Peanuts Cookbook which was good enough for me!

One sandwich was called the Snoopy Sandwich. Basically a hot dog quartered put on a piece of bread covered with a slice of cheese and put in the broiler for ab out 5 minutes.

And I loved those.

I can still hear Ma asking me when I was 7 or 8 years old "Hey B want a Snoopy Sandwich for lunch?" to which was my immediate response was "YES!"

So tonight I made one (actually 2 I am a lot bigger now) and ate them on Grandma Blush's plate.

And somewhere I think Ma may be smiling. At least I hope so.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Today's Activity List

Here are my plans for the day
1. Stop yelling at the jerk that was on C-Span from the Caito Institute
2. Unclog bathroom sink.
3. Clean toilet
4. Do laundry
5. Shop
a. need new lamp for dark cavernous living room
b. look at a new set of irons that i can't afford but it's nice to dream
c. WII yes I am making the plunge and buying my own WII system.
d. screen door. going to replace the 1950's screen door on the front of the house (depending on how much it is for door and installation)
e. groceries (will probably put that off until tomorrow and settle for a pizza tonight)
6. waste the rest of teh day

Sounds like a romantic time, don't it?

Enjoy your Saturday

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Cat Seems Unimpressed

But I am!


The sink is original equipment in the house and last time i had a plumber out to fix a rusty pipe (hey now no age jokes) he said there was no way I could find any replacement parts much less a new faucet.

that is one big piece of brass

But guess what I did! Thank Maude/Ceiling Cat/(insert deity or non deity here) I DID NOT GIVE UP and the innertubes came through for me.

I know this must seem blase and boring but I am excited about my new faucet (yes I don't have a date for Valentines Day if you didn't guess LOL)

Have a great Friday everyone!