Thursday, 17 December 2009

WOW Post #500

Really? I banged out 500 senseless posts?
Hard to believe.

I still remember that Friday night at the virtual pub at Shakesville when Jen basically threatened me that if I didn't start a glob she would start it for me! (And of course Bob was right there supporting her in this insane quest to get me to type on the innertubes.)

I'm pretty sure I have not written anything in these 500 posts on either the macro or micro level that has changed the world, explained anything no one didn't already know, or made any sort of difference in the general welfare of humanity.

But that was never my quest. There are sooooooo many people that do that better than I could ever hope to.

What I wanted to accomplish was this. If you wanted to get to know me a little better you could. And I could get to know you.

To steal a line from my friend Brave Sir Robin "Never let anyone tell you that online friends are somehow lesser friends than those in the meat world."

And you guys and gals and puppies and kitties and penguins and monkeys, those of you who live on island and those who don't, are my friends. And to that I say this:

So I will end this post with one of tonights trivia questions (That we got correct)

Within 200 pounds what was the weight of the world's largest S'More? Hint it contained more than 9000 toasted marshmallows.

I appreciate you taking the time to stop by my cardboard box underneath the overpass of the innertubes.



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