Saturday, 10 December 2011

I'm Not Sure What This Story Is About

Today I decided to try to continue my semi productive streak and once I hauled my lazy butt out of bed I did.

Many things done today one of them was grocery shopping (yes I took the path of least resistance last night and ordered the pizza.)

One of the items I bought was hot dogs. It was just one item out of many in my basket and I really didn't think much about it.

I went out to watch the Daytona 500 today with some phriends and my brain was kind of itching. And I remembered the Peanuts Cookbook!

One of the first things I ever collected was Peanuts stuff. I was not necessarily that in tune to all of the underlying concepts behind the daily cartoon strips but Ma encouraged me to read them and collect stuff.

Also (to my Ma's chagrin) I was a very picky and light eater (as Bob, Jen, Christina will attest to)

Many times Ma would make me a separate meal. And other times she would tell me supper came from the Peanuts Cookbook which was good enough for me!

One sandwich was called the Snoopy Sandwich. Basically a hot dog quartered put on a piece of bread covered with a slice of cheese and put in the broiler for ab out 5 minutes.

And I loved those.

I can still hear Ma asking me when I was 7 or 8 years old "Hey B want a Snoopy Sandwich for lunch?" to which was my immediate response was "YES!"

So tonight I made one (actually 2 I am a lot bigger now) and ate them on Grandma Blush's plate.

And somewhere I think Ma may be smiling. At least I hope so.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Today's Activity List

Here are my plans for the day
1. Stop yelling at the jerk that was on C-Span from the Caito Institute
2. Unclog bathroom sink.
3. Clean toilet
4. Do laundry
5. Shop
a. need new lamp for dark cavernous living room
b. look at a new set of irons that i can't afford but it's nice to dream
c. WII yes I am making the plunge and buying my own WII system.
d. screen door. going to replace the 1950's screen door on the front of the house (depending on how much it is for door and installation)
e. groceries (will probably put that off until tomorrow and settle for a pizza tonight)
6. waste the rest of teh day

Sounds like a romantic time, don't it?

Enjoy your Saturday

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Cat Seems Unimpressed

But I am!


The sink is original equipment in the house and last time i had a plumber out to fix a rusty pipe (hey now no age jokes) he said there was no way I could find any replacement parts much less a new faucet.

that is one big piece of brass

But guess what I did! Thank Maude/Ceiling Cat/(insert deity or non deity here) I DID NOT GIVE UP and the innertubes came through for me.

I know this must seem blase and boring but I am excited about my new faucet (yes I don't have a date for Valentines Day if you didn't guess LOL)

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It Takes Me Awhile to Think of These Things

Jen has a great vid up of Gladys from Austin Texas.

(To understand the rest of this post you must watch the video. Of course not many people understand what I type anyway lol)

My status message tonight when I signed in was "GRRRRR GAHHHHHH" And then I watched the video and changed it to "I love Jesus but I drink a little"

And after reading a few of y'alls blogs it came to me.

Grandma Blush.

I was home in Brenham for Thanksgiving one year and we did our usual go the assisted living center and picked up Grandma to bring her over for Turkey Day dinner.

We are sitting there waiting for dinner and Grandma looks at me and says "Steven I'd like a little beer"

And I think to myself "Well the woman is 99 (she passed at 103!) who am I to say no to her?"

So I give her some beer (or gnats piss or Budweiser for those of you scoring at home) and she was happy!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Me Am Dumb

Stupid trivia
Ok so I got who won the 2005 Heisman trophy (and was the only one and yelled loudly when the answer was revealed) and then instantly crashed and burned on World Geography (Is Bangladesh still a country? Apparently so)

So 5 teams playing trivia tonight and at half time the question was world capitals and population and we got 2 of 4 (question was as of 2007 4 largest populated world capitals we got Japan and India missed South Korea and Mexico)

And we are dead last with 10 points.

But we dug out (got lucky with an easy Star Wars question and I got the palindrome question)and ended up in third place with 31 points and then the FINAL QUESTION

You can bet up to 20 points and the last question is:
Put these candies in order of when they were first released under their current brand name
Milk Duds
Neco Wafers
Fifth Avenue Bar

And yes my team mates had the correct answer and I talked them out of it LOL.

But as always a good time was had by all.

Friday, 22 July 2011

It's The Little Things I Guess

I've been playing phone tag with Sister 1 and Sister 2 all week.
And while I am out tonight I check my phone and see Sister1 has actually called me back! (maybe now I'm just a gray sheep of the family lol)

I love my sisters. They are good people with great kids and have helped make me into the person I am today.

I depend on Sister1 to really give me the low down on Sister2 and how her health is.

And she told me Sister2's hair is coming back, she's got some energy and is doing stuff!

On the off chance Sister2 may answer her phone I took my chances and called her and ZOMG!!111!!!MILLION she was home.

And she sounded great. Her white blood cell count was down so she didn't have the chemo this week. Awaiting inlaws and her nephews and nieces from the other side of the family to show up at any minute so our conversation was short but still good.

And talking with her made me happy.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Third Time's A Charm?

So i have hit the "new post" button three times this morning.

But there are not three posts here!

I hate having typers block.

I think I will model today after yesterday. Do the bare minimum of adult responsible things and then play for the rest of the day.

Hey if it worked once it should work again right?

(of course I guess that means getting out of bed at some point)

Enjoy your Sunday

Thursday, 9 June 2011


(Celebrating a Dallas TD in Houston TX)

Can't say I'm that excited about this years Superbowl.
Back in the day I was known for throwing a pretty mean Superbowl Party. Of course back in teh day my team had a shot of actually making it to the Superbowl instead of settling for maybe making it to the playoffs (which we've done twice in 12 years)

(cleaning up after a Superbowl party here in Maryland)
The food was always pretty good. I'd make a couple of briskets, some hash brown casserole and something for dessert (I tried to get the jellyroll recipe from Mom one year and she would not give it to me. Something about a lack of jelly roll skills on my part) and other folks would bring munchies.

But one year here in Maryland someone asked if they could have the party at thier house and I said yes and I've been party free ever since!

I do kind of miss it though. It was fun getting up and cooking all day (one beer for each half hour the brisket was in the oven) and then having a bunch of people over.

So today I'll spend the afternoon at the House of Trees WII bowling and watching SB prep and then will either come home or go to one of teh parties I've been invited to.

As I have tomorrow off I really don't have to worry about what shape I'l be in in the morning (too much that is I'm not as young as I use to be!)

Whatever you're doing today enjoy yourselves!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Don't Expect Much From Work

But heat, on one of the coldest days of the year, is one of them!

I get out of my car walk through the cold and get into the lobby. And I'm still cold.
I write it off to "Hey I was just out in 18 degree weather"

I get into the elevator. And I'm still cold. I write this off to "Hey they probably have the dock doors open downstairs and cold air is coming into the elevator shafts."

I get to my office. And I'm still cold. I've got nothing to write this off to.

I open my email and read "Building management is aware of the lack of heat on the third floor"

That made me feel better!

Monday, 28 February 2011

Are WEE Fit?

So I found my WII FIT today!
(Soon Giggles will be able to ask me if I fitted today!)
Speaking of which Giggles did you?

The concept is simple. I like video games. I need some motivation. I have a video game which calls me out as unbalanced (well who can argue with that?lol)lazy and not in shape.

So the plan is to see if I can use this to maybe get me a bit healthier and in better shape. (And I totally disagree that I am 55 in WII years)

So we'll see how it goes.

I'm pretty sure when you are doing WII FIT your hands should be holding teh controller and not a beer and cigarette .

I'll have to work on that!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

We're #2 And Some Random Thoughts.

Yeah we came in number two at Trivia tonight.
Good thing I knew when Bolivia got their freedom from Spain! (or at least I was with 4 years which was close enough)

Non Cat came by again for a short visit last night. It was good to see her.

I'd like your vote for President of the United States but as none of you have seen my birth certificate I guess that's one more dream that will crawl off to die. I mean a hoax like that can only be pulled off once a gazillion years.

I have new pots and pans on the way! Along with that and the new plumbing I really am living the high life.

I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired at all the bullshit at work.

I'm boycotting the Watchmen movie. Just because I can. (But i will reread teh graphic novel instead)

I'm pretty sure Ma is smiling down on me from somewhere right now.

Have a great week everyone!