Thursday, 9 June 2011


(Celebrating a Dallas TD in Houston TX)

Can't say I'm that excited about this years Superbowl.
Back in the day I was known for throwing a pretty mean Superbowl Party. Of course back in teh day my team had a shot of actually making it to the Superbowl instead of settling for maybe making it to the playoffs (which we've done twice in 12 years)

(cleaning up after a Superbowl party here in Maryland)
The food was always pretty good. I'd make a couple of briskets, some hash brown casserole and something for dessert (I tried to get the jellyroll recipe from Mom one year and she would not give it to me. Something about a lack of jelly roll skills on my part) and other folks would bring munchies.

But one year here in Maryland someone asked if they could have the party at thier house and I said yes and I've been party free ever since!

I do kind of miss it though. It was fun getting up and cooking all day (one beer for each half hour the brisket was in the oven) and then having a bunch of people over.

So today I'll spend the afternoon at the House of Trees WII bowling and watching SB prep and then will either come home or go to one of teh parties I've been invited to.

As I have tomorrow off I really don't have to worry about what shape I'l be in in the morning (too much that is I'm not as young as I use to be!)

Whatever you're doing today enjoy yourselves!

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