Thursday, 6 January 2011

We're #2 And Some Random Thoughts.

Yeah we came in number two at Trivia tonight.
Good thing I knew when Bolivia got their freedom from Spain! (or at least I was with 4 years which was close enough)

Non Cat came by again for a short visit last night. It was good to see her.

I'd like your vote for President of the United States but as none of you have seen my birth certificate I guess that's one more dream that will crawl off to die. I mean a hoax like that can only be pulled off once a gazillion years.

I have new pots and pans on the way! Along with that and the new plumbing I really am living the high life.

I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired at all the bullshit at work.

I'm boycotting the Watchmen movie. Just because I can. (But i will reread teh graphic novel instead)

I'm pretty sure Ma is smiling down on me from somewhere right now.

Have a great week everyone!


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