Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It Takes Me Awhile to Think of These Things

Jen has a great vid up of Gladys from Austin Texas.

(To understand the rest of this post you must watch the video. Of course not many people understand what I type anyway lol)

My status message tonight when I signed in was "GRRRRR GAHHHHHH" And then I watched the video and changed it to "I love Jesus but I drink a little"

And after reading a few of y'alls blogs it came to me.

Grandma Blush.

I was home in Brenham for Thanksgiving one year and we did our usual go the assisted living center and picked up Grandma to bring her over for Turkey Day dinner.

We are sitting there waiting for dinner and Grandma looks at me and says "Steven I'd like a little beer"

And I think to myself "Well the woman is 99 (she passed at 103!) who am I to say no to her?"

So I give her some beer (or gnats piss or Budweiser for those of you scoring at home) and she was happy!

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