Saturday, 11 February 2012

I Am A Lazy Globber

And being lazy I often forget to update my globroll with new places I am reading and new people I have met. I am often surprised that my lack of etiquette hasn't resulted in me being pushed back through all of the series of tubes and right off the internets.

So here are my new glboroll additions and folks I am enjoying reading and getting to know

Chasing Wentworth Miller
Since my Dad was born in Canada it's only natural I have added a Canadian to my globroll. We both watch Lost (well who doesn't?) but I am on a quest to get Simplicity yo watch BSG!

Robot Nine
Some of teh coolest pics on the innertubes can be found at Robot Nine. Plus I think he is a fellow Texan. And has a really cool Picture Puzzle Contest each week.

Wits and Wiggles
If memory serves me correctly Lisa sent me here (and who am I to not obey Lisa?)
Giggles is a fellow golfer I believe so I look forward to having someone to commiserate with when golf season starts this year.

Judging The Books
Beth won one of Robot Nine's Picture Puzzle contests and I was intrigued by her way cool SIP gravatar (guess you have to be a comics geeks to get what SIP is) and at first I didn't get her blog which I have since confessed to her.

But I took a reading comprehension pill and now I get it!

Again not sure how I ran into this blog but am glad I did!

So welcome to the island of misphit globroll everyone!

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